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BACKGROUND Except for denture quality, many other factors are related to a patient's satisfaction with complete dentures (CDs). METHODS A total of 222 patients with CDs took a part in this study. A questionnaire divided into 3 parts was completed by both the patients and the dentist, independently. The patients rated their dentures using a scale ranging(More)
The inclination between the posterior wall of the articular eminence and the referential plane (Frankfurt line) was measured on 137 dry skull specimens (78 with complete dental arches and 59 edentulous). Both left and right joints were measured using direct craniometric method. The results were compared with respect to the loss of teeth, side and sex. A(More)
Aim of this investigation was to determine the spatial relations of the terminal hinge axis of the temporomandibular joints toward Frankfurt horizontal. The sample consisted of 50 examinees. Terminal hinge axis was located, using Lauritzen's technique, on the left side of face for each examinee. Arbitrary point, as proposed by Sumiya Hobo, was measured and(More)
The principal objective was to measure the magnetic fields occurring in dental surgeries at simultaneous subtraction of direct ground component of the magnetic field. A specifically designed instrument with the Hall probe was used for the measurement. It consisted of two amplifiers and a low frequency filter. Its task was to measure mean square values of(More)
The aim of this study was to re-examine Leon Williams geometric theory and to find the degree of correspondence between the face and the tooth form in the population of Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two thousand individuals with intact frontal teeth, in age between 17 and 24 years, were measured for 3 horizontal distances on the face: temporal width(More)
The importance of sports dentistry has become even greater due to the role that sports have in modern society. As the risk of sports-related injuries appears already in the period of children's play and is constantly present in various risk-related sporting activities, the role of dental profession has become extremely important. Custom-made mouthguards are(More)
A new biomechanical three-dimensional (3D) model for the human mandible is proposed. A simple two-dimensional model cannot explain the biomechanics of the human mandible, where muscular forces through occlusion and condylar surfaces are in a state of dynamical 3D equilibrium. All forces are resolved into components according to a selected coordinate system.(More)
The aim of this study was to quantify the specific distal displacement of the gingival zenith in the maxillary anterior dentition. Bilateral measurements, taken with a digital caliper in maxillary stone casts were recorded in six maxillary anterior teeth to evaluate distal displacement of the gingival zenith in relation to the long axis of the crowns. The(More)
The purpose of this study was to research the possible influence of difference in construction of mechanical joint in arcon and nonarcon articulators, upon the adjustment of condylar inclination by intraoral protrusive record. The determination of condylar inclination by protrusive record in two types of articulators was performed on 30 examinees, and the(More)