Vladislav V. Fomin

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In this paper we attempt to find the reasons for low adoption of the international standard ISO/IEC 2700 on information security management. We benchmark ISO/IEC 27001 against the two other widely applied management system standards – ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management We show that besides low adoption rates, ISO/IEC(More)
Development ofinformation and communication technologies (ICT), or more specifically information infrastructures (11s) for offering services such as, for example, wireless broadband or digital music downloading, present a complex phenomenonfor technology and policy scholars as well as practitioners. The inherent complexity involved in the infrastructural(More)
Today the political rhetoric of the European Union is focused on the transformation from service/industrial to Information Society – the concept emphasizing the role of national and global information infrastructures in the economic development of the state (Castells, 1996). Guided by the vision as laid out in European Commission’s programme “eEurope,”(More)
In this paper we examine the possibility to bridge theory of Distributed Cognition with popular theories of Social Studies of Technology (in particular, Actor-Network Theory and Social Construction of Technology). Responding to a recent call for revisiting the design metaphor, in this paper we aim to obtain more precise terminology for describing the(More)
More and more companies operate today in a worldwide market under conditions of globalization, increased complexity, and competition. In such an environment, business decisions need to be made quickly yet intelligent, substantiated by the most salient and relevant information available. Under the global competition, with a diligent and measured manner, many(More)
Wireless communication technology has the potential to impact beneficially modern medical practice through the use of biomedical sensors combined with small intercommunicating radio transceivers. This development will enable cost-effective continuous monitoring of patients in hospitals and other healthcare centers. It is anticipated that a large number of(More)