Vladislav S. Voinov

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6sƒ„‚sf…„ihÀ5yw€…„sxqÀexhÀFi„‡y‚usxqÀ6i€e‚„wix„ Q„Hi„i‚ƒf…‚qÀQ„e„iÀRigrxsgevÀSxs†i‚ƒs„‰ Q„Hi„i‚ƒf…‚qÀP…ƒƒse Abstract In today's distributed systems Quality of Service (QoS) and performance management play a key role in determining their success or failure on the market. Being central in providing effective management, resource management problem has been(More)
This annual technical report presents the current state of the project OPTIMUS 01 IR 605 The project is dedicated to the problems of configuration and synchronization management modeling, analysis, optimization and development for distributed multimedia systems. The annual report presents the methods, models, algorithms, mechanisms, and a simulation tool(More)
The goal of MoDA project of St.Petersburg State Technical University is to elaborate a methodology for Quality of Service (QoS) management of distributed applications (DA). In this paper we describe how the methodology can be applied for Web QoS management. QoS model building method presented here allows to construct by a natural way QoS models of DAs,(More)
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