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In 1983, P. J. Stewart proposed a new approach for evaluation of acid-base balance of body fluids. He defined three independent variables responsible for hydrogen ion concentration in body fluids: 1. the partial pressure of carbon dioxide (pCO2); 2. strong ion difference, SID, i.e. the difference between the sums of all the strong (fully dissociated,(More)
Present development of forestry entomology in the ČSSR This article gives an outline on the occurrence of the more important harmful forest insects in the ČSSR in the year 1950–1962 and on the results of their study. The Norway spruce suffered from the year 1954 notably byIps typographus L. The control was based on insecticides, studies included optimal(More)
Im letzten Jahrzehnt kam es in der ČSSR zur Übervermehrung einer Reihe von Schadinsekten der Waldholzarten, vor allem als Folge der physiologischen Schwächung der Bestände durch Trockenperioden in der Kulminationszeit der Sonnentätigkeit Ende der 50er Jahre. Gefährdet waren vor allem Fichte, Tanne, Kiefer, Eiche, Pappeln und Weiden. Es wird über die(More)
Relevant path planning using public transportation is limited by reliability of the transportation network. In some cases it turns out that we can plan paths with respect to expected delays and hereby improve reliability of the resulting path. In our work we focus on prediction of the delays in public transportation systems. For this purpose we use data(More)
In a group of cadaveric kidney transplantations the problem of the dependence of the functional development of the graft on the function of donor kidney before explanation and on the total time of ischaemia in the immediate postoperative period was investigated. Based on the plasma concentration of endogenous creatinine (PKr), urea (PUrea) and the total(More)
The authors compared the survival of four groups of patients and of renal grafts: 1. diabetics after renal transplantation (24 subjects), 2. diabetics after transplantation of the kidney and pancreas (35 subjects), 3. diabetics where transplantation was indicated but who were treated only by dialysis and 4. non-diabetics after transplantation of the kidney(More)
Rhabdomyolysis (damage of the muscles of various origin) leads to the efflux of the intracellular fluids in the circulation. The common complication of this status is the renal failure. The early diagnosis and the proper treatment makes the fall of renal function reversible. That is why the possibility of the rhabdomyolysis must be consider. The case report(More)