Vladislav Kataev

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A promising route to tailoring the electronic properties of quantum materials and devices rests on the idea of orbital engineering in multilayered oxide heterostructures. Here we show that the interplay of interlayer charge imbalance and ligand distortions provides a knob for tuning the sequence of electronic levels even in intrinsically stacked oxides. We(More)
The effects of a new thietanylbenzimidazole derivative (K-134) on estrous cycles, conception processes, and sexual behavior of female rats were studied. Two-week oral treatment with K-134 in doses of 5 and 50 mg/kg shortened the estrus phase and prolonged proestrus. Changes in sexual behavior were presented by activation of receptive sexual motivations(More)
By the reaction of 2-[6-methyl-1-(thiethane-3-yl)uracil-3-yl]acetic acid hydrazide with aryl aldehydes and acetophenone derivatives, acylhydrazones have been obtained, which exist in DMSO solutions as a mixture of two stereoisomers of an E C=N-isomer, due to the hindered internal rotation around the hydrazide bond. It has been found that the compounds(More)
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