Vladislav A. Vashchenko

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—— Prognostics is an engineering discipline that focuses on estimation of the health state of a component and the prediction of its remaining useful life (RUL) before failure. Health state estimation is based on actual conditions and it is fundamental for the prediction of RUL under anticipated future usage. Failure of electronic devices is of great concern(More)
Power electronics play an increasingly important role in energy applications as part of their power converter circuits. Understanding the behavior of these devices, especially their failure modes as they age with nominal usage or sudden fault development is critical in ensuring efficiency. In this paper, a prognostics based health management of power(More)
ESD protection strategies utilized in RF circuit applications in CMOS and BiCMOS technologies are investigated and the results are presented in this paper. The conventional approach using diodes with power clamp is compared with novel approaches such as plug-and-play passive elements and full or partial circuit-ESD co-design. The trade-offs are discussed(More)
This article reports on preliminary results of a study conducted to examine how temporary electrical overstress seed fault conditions in discrete power electronic components that cannot be detected with reliability tests but impact longevity of the device. These defects do not result in formal parametric failures per datasheet specifications, but result in(More)