Vladislav A. Tsarev

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Analytical calculations of efficiency and comparison with experimental data for inductive output tube (klystrode) are presented. These results indicate that the theoretical formula obtained from the analytical calculation may be useful for designing the klystrode microwave tubes.
Results of experimental investigations of influence of size and shapes of a coupled slot on band-pass characteristics of coupled sector double-gaps cavities system of multiple-beam klystron. It is shown that the coupling slot of round shape is the most optimal on a passband width for considered resonant system.
The results of a numerical modeling of two-gaps cavity for powerful multi-beam klystrode (IOT) working as the frequency multiplier on frequency of 2.45 GHz are described. This cavity may be useful for various type of multibeam IOT amplifiers and generators for different application.
The paper presents results of numerical investigations of output double-gap cavity excitation of multibeam klystron of centimeter wavelength range formed by the penultimate and the final one-gap cavities. The possibility of significant increase of output power with rectangular coupling slot changed for π-shaped coupling slot is shown.
The results of the numerical investigation of the electrodynamics features for the various shapes double-gap cavities are presented. The regularity of behavior for fundamental and the first higher-order mode for these cavities are determined. Furthermore the conditions when a ratio of frequencies for fundamental antiphased and higher-order cophased mode(More)
In this paper a vircator (virtual cathode oscillator) is experimental investigated. It has a hot cathode, an accelerating anode, a control grid, a second anode, a reflector, a double-gap cavity. The two virtual cathodes are generated in this device. Such microwave oscillator with a virtual cathode will be useful for construction of the powerful microwave(More)
The technique of estimation of optimal geometrical parameters of double-gap cavities is offered. It is shown, that there is an optimal value of accelerating voltage where magnitude of the criterion of optimization reaches the maximal value. It has been calculated, that the value of this parameter for double-gap cavities surpasses in 4-5 times the value of(More)
Smart Camera is an adaptive optoelectronic system intended for recognizing automobile numbers. The system consists of a digital camera with an IR illuminator and IR filter combined with a PC-compatible computing module. In real-time mode, the illumination of a license plate of an automobile is analyzed in frames that arrive from the camera, after which the(More)