Vladimiro Sassone

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Abstract Models for concurrency can be classified with respect to three relevant parameters: behaviour/system, interleaving/noninterleaving, linear/branching time. When modelling a process, a choice concerning such parameters corresponds to choosing the level of abstraction of the resulting semantics. In this paper, we move a step towards a classification(More)
Boxed Ambients (BA) replace Mobile Ambients’ open capability with communication primitives acting across ambient boundaries. The expressiveness of the new model of communication is achieved at the price of interferences that affect message reception and whose resolution requires synchronisation of activities at multiple, distributed locations. We study a(More)
The theory of reactive systems, introduced by Leifer and Milner and previously extended by the authors, allows the derivation of well-behaved labelled transition systems (LTS) for semantic models with an underlying reduction semantics. The derivation procedure requires the presence of certain colimits (or, more usually and generally, bicolimits) which need(More)
<i>Bigraphs</i> have been introduced with the aim to provide a topographical meta-model for mobile, distributed agents that can manipulate their own communication links and nested locations. In this paper we examine a presentation of type systems on bigraphical systems using the notion of sorting. We focus our attention on the <i>typed polyadic(More)
Bigraphs are emerging as an interesting model that can represent both the picalculus and the ambient calculus. Bigraphs are built orthogonally on two structures: a hierarchical ‘place’ graph for locations and a ‘link’ (hyper-)graph for connections. In a previous work (submitted elsewhere and yet unpublished), we introduced a logic for bigraphical structures(More)
Weak Observational Congruence (woc) defined on CCS agents is not a bisimulation since it does not require two states reached by bisimilar computations of woc agents to be still woc, e.g. α.τ.β.nil and α.β.nil are woc but τ.β.nil and β.nil are not. This fact prevent us from characterizing CCS semantics (when τ is considered invisible) as a final algebra,(More)