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The aim of this study was to investigate whether or not the human immune system can be activated by a noninfectious stimulus, thereby improving the physiological status of the individual. The effect of a single cold water immersion (14 degrees C for 1 h) on the immune system of athletic young men, monitored immediately after immersion, was minimal. With the(More)
Two groups of patients with less advanced stages of differentiated thyroid cancer were followed from 2 to more than 25 years: 1. 326 patients with preventive thyroid ablation (PTA) in cases of a tumor without lymphatic and remote metastases; 2. 471 patients with lymph node syndrome. It was found that the survival of patients with lymph node syndrome was(More)
A collision carcinoma of the thyroid was revealed in a surgically removed thyroid affected with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. A follicular carcinoma composed of rather uniform and spherical cells. The anaplastic carcinoma appeared to collide with structures of a noncornifying squamous cell carcinoma supposed to originate in the isthmic area from a ductus(More)
Concentrations of selenium and rubidium in groups of subjects with hyperthyroidism, carcinomas, or adenomas and in controls were determined by neutron activation analysis with coirradiated inorganic standards and IAEA reference material. Se was decreased in all pathological groups with the greatest modification in thyroids with carcinomas. Rb was elevated(More)
The effect of exercise on gastric mucosal energy status has not been fully elucidated. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of submaximal cycling on gastric mucosal energy balance and its relationship to changes in systemic energy status. Ten healthy volunteers (age 20-40 years) were investigated at rest (BL), during 30 min of submaximal(More)
Differentiated (papillary) thyroid cancer was detected 17 years following radioiodide 131I treatment for toxic multinodular goiter. 21 cases of thyroid cancers with previous 131 I therapy for hyperthyroidism were summarised. This combination is rare compared to the incidence of thyroid cancers following external irradiation. This may be due to higher(More)
Metastatic dissemination of differentiated cancer was studied in a personal group with the following results. Invasion of cancer to adjacent structures can be encountered even in children with typical increase with age. The lymphatic spread to regional lymph nodes is typical of papillary cancers and in young patients. The same type of spread without the(More)