Vladimir Zelevinsky

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Generic signatures of quantum chaos found in realistic shell model calculations are compared with thermal statistical equilibrium. We show the similarity of the informational entropy of individual eigenfunctions in the mean field basis to the thermodynamical entropy found from the level density. Mean occupation numbers of single-particle orbitals agree with(More)
Traditional interfaces for information access do not fully support queries that rely on semantic relationships between terms. To better support such queries, we introduce a system that automatically extracts subject-verb-object concepts from unstructured text documents and dynamically presents them to the user as navigable refinements. This approach, which(More)
We suggest that low-lying eigenvalues of realistic quantum many-body hamil-tonians, given, as in the nuclear shell model, by large matrices, can be calculated , instead of the full diagonalization, by the diagonalization of small truncated matrices with the exponential extrapolation of the results. We show numerical data confirming this conjecture. We argue(More)
We study the conditions under which the nucleons inside a deformed nucleus can undergo chaotic motion. To do this we perform self-consistent calculations in semiclassical approximation utilizing a multipole-multipole interaction of the Bohr-Mottelson type for quadrupole and octupole deformations. For the case of harmonic and non-harmonic static potentials,(More)
For this workshop, researchers and practitioners were invited to present ideas, research results, work in progress, and system demonstrations related to the intersection of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Retrieval (IR). The intent of the workshop is not archival publication, but rather to provide a forum to build community and to stimulate(More)