Vladimir Yu. Sazonov

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It is demonstrated how a Hyperset Theory (satisfying P.Aczel's Anti-Foundation Axiom) naturally arises from the idea of WorldWide Web (WWW). Alternatively, Web serves as an illustration and possible application of the abstract notion of antifounded sets. A-language of Bounded Hyperset Theory is presented as a query language to the Web or, more generally, to(More)
A formal approach to feasible numbers, as well as to middle and small numbers, is introduced, based on ideas of Parikh (1971) and improving his formalization. The \vague" set F of feasible numbers intuitively satisses the axioms 0 2 F , F + 1 F and 2 1000 6 2 F , where the latter is stronger than a condition considered by Parikh, and seems to be treated(More)