Vladimir Yakhnis

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The Linguistic Geometry (LG) approach to discrete systems was introduced by B. Stilman in early 80s. It employed competing/cooperating agents for modeling and controlling of discrete systems. The approach was applied to a variety of problems with huge state spaces including control of aircraft, battlefield robots, and chess. One of the key innovations of LG(More)
Goncharov, S., A. Yakhnis and V. Yakhnis, Some effectively infinite classes of enumerations, about the size of the class of positive elements of a Roger's semilattice. We introduce a notion of effective infinity of classes of computable enumerations. Then, using finite injury priority method, we prove five theorems which give sufficient conditions to be(More)
As our society becomes technologically more complex, computers are being used in greater and greater numbers of high consequence systems. Giving a machine control over the lives of humans can be disturbing, especially if the software that is run on such a machine has bugs. Formal reasoning is one of the most powerful techniques available to demonstrate the(More)