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The main building block of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is sensor node consisted of four basic elements: the sensor unit, processing unit, communication and power units. In this paper we propose the Raspberry Pi, cheap, flexible, fully customizable and programmable small computer board and abilities of its usage as WSN node and SensorWeb node. The(More)
Health is the fundamental capability humans require to perceive, feel, and act effectively, and as such, it represents a primary element in the development of the individual, but also of the environment humans belongs to. That is why it is necessary to provide adequate ways and means to ensure the appropriate healthcare delivery based on parameters(More)
Effectiveness of communication is measured by speed, ease, and accuracy in which the information can be understood. From the cognitive aspect graphical presentations are usually more effective than textual ones, especially when communication between end-users and/or domain practitioners is concerned. Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) graphical tools have(More)
Entering the era of Internet of Things, the use of Wireless Sensor Network and Sensor Web elements becomes a daily phenomenon. Information systems which must ensure that an increasing number of devices access and analyze the data collected from the wireless sensor nodes, have become complex and difficult to maintain. Due to the discrete nature of computer(More)
Considering historical development and expansion of World Wide Web, it is obvious that there is no unique tendency in terms of supporting software technologies. Moreover, vast amount of different technologies has emerged because the system as a whole became quite complex and diverse. Heterogeneity, which is characteristic of distributed systems based on(More)
The rapid computer and communication technologies development have dramatically influenced the educational process in recent decades. Thus, the learning itself, considering a learner and the influence of learning environment, has to be re-conceptualized. Relying on modern teaching and learning activities, the collaboration, involving the interaction with(More)
In the last decade, we are faced with a dozen food crisis, which have impact on human health. EU as response to food contamination applies a set of laws and standards for food traceability through all stages of production, processing and distribution, forcing that all food and feed operators implement special traceability systems. One of the main and a(More)