Vladimir Vujovic

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In the last decade, we are faced with a dozen food crisis, which have impact on human health. EU as response to food contamination applies a set of laws and standards for food traceability through all stages of production, processing and distribution, forcing that all food and feed operators implement special traceability systems. One of the main and a(More)
Entering the era of Internet of Things, the use of Wireless Sensor Network and Sensor Web elements becomes a daily phenomenon. Information systems which must ensure that an increasing number of devices access and analyze the data collected from the wireless sensor nodes, have become complex and difficult to maintain. Due to the discrete nature of computer(More)
Developing languages and tools which depend on Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) methodology, represent a hot topic nowadays, but building a set of graphical tool is often very complex process which takes a lot of time and it often highly depends on developer's knowledge and reliable frameworks. Today, a leading role of Integrated Development Environment (IDE)(More)
The main goal of soft computing technologies (fuzzy logic, neural networks, fuzzy rule-based systems, data mining techniques…) is to find and describe the structural patterns in the data in order to try to explain connections between data and on their basis create predictive or descriptive models. Integration of these technologies in sensor nodes seems to(More)
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