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Coccidiosis is a disease caused by apicomplexan parasites of the genus Eimeria, which has a significant economic impact on poultry production. Multiple species infecting the turkey have been described; however, due to the general lack of unambiguous description, their identification and taxonomy is debatable. In this work, a systematic approach was taken to(More)
Although the validity of the coccidian species, Eimeria mivati, has been questioned by many researchers for a long time there has not been any molecular analysis that would help resolve this issue. Here we report on the discovery of the two types of small ribosomal subunit (18S) gene within the Eimeria mitis genome that correspond to the known 18S sequences(More)
Although oocyst morphology was always considered as a reliable parameter for coccidian species discrimination we describe strain variation of turkey coccidia, Eimeria adenoeides, which remarkably exceeds the variation observed in any other Eimeria species. Two strains have been isolated - the first strain maintains the typical oocyst morphology attributed(More)
Protozoan parasites of the Eimeria genus have undergone extensive speciation and are now represented by a myriad of species that are specialised to different hosts. These species are highly host-specific and usually parasitise single host species, with only few reported exceptions. Doubts regarding the strict host specificity were frequent in the original(More)
The development and validation of real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) assays specific to all seven Eimeria species that cause coccidiosis in the chicken is described. The presented work utilizes previously published assays for Eimeria maxima, E. necatrix and E. tenella and adds assays for E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. mitis and E. praecox. These assays(More)
BACKGROUND Eimeria parasites can cause the disease coccidiosis in poultry and even subclinical infection can incur economic loss. Diagnosis of infection predominantly relies on traditional techniques including lesion scoring and faecal microscopy despite the availability of sensitive molecular assays, largely due to cost and the requirement for specialist(More)
The complete mitochondrial genome of Eimeria innocua KR strain (Eimeriidae, Coccidia, Apicomplexa) was sequenced. This coccidium infects turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo), Bobwhite quails (Colinus virginianus), and Grey partridges (Perdix perdix). Genome organization and gene contents were comparable with other Eimeria spp. infecting galliform birds. The(More)
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