Vladimir Vasic

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We studied the effect of one-year interferon (IFN)-beta treatment on the in vivo mRNA expression of IFN-gamma, interleukin (IL)-17, T-bet and RoR-gammat, on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from 36 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. In the total MS group, IFN-beta induced decrease in mRNA levels of IFN-gamma and T-bet (p<0.0001), while the levels of(More)
BACKGROUND Understanding the experiences and expectations of women across the continuum of antenatal, perinatal, and postnatal care is important to assess the quality of maternal care and to determine problematic areas which could be improved. The objective of this study was to identify the factors associated with maternal satisfaction with hospital-based(More)
BACKGROUND Unemployment among health professionals in Serbia has risen in the recent past and continues to increase. This highlights the need to understand how to change policies to meet real and projected needs. This study identified variables that were significantly related to physician and nurse employment rates in the public healthcare sector in Serbia(More)
BACKGROUND Health workforce competencies are considered crucial for attaining high-quality health care in the current market principles approach to the provision of health services. This study explored the competencies and the perceived competence gap of management personnel in public primary healthcare. METHODS During 2007 and 2008, 14 management teams(More)
BACKGROUND In times of austerity, the availability of econometric health knowledge assists policy-makers in understanding and balancing health expenditure with health care plans within fiscal constraints. The objective of this study is to explore whether the health workforce supply of the public health care sector, population number, and utilization of(More)
Health worker migration is causing profound health, safety, social, economic and political challenges to countries without special policies for health professionals' mobility. This study describes the prevalence of migration intentions among medical undergraduates, identifies underlying factors related to migration intention and describes subsequent actions(More)
BACKGROUND Based on the global predictions majority of deaths will be collectively caused by cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and traffic accidents over the coming 25 years. In planning future national health policy actions, inter - regional assessments play an important role. The purpose of the study was to analyze similarities and differences in premature(More)
Von der Philosophisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät angenommen. Abstract The subject of this Ph.D. thesis is the redesign of an airborne water-vapour radiometer AMSOS (Airborne Millimetre-and Submillimetre Observing System) and measurements conducted with the new receiver. The thesis consists of three parts and four publications. The publications are(More)
BACKGROUND Training is the systematic acquisition of skills, rules, concepts, or attitudes and is one of the most important components in any organization's strategy. There is increasing demand for formal and informal training programs especially for physicians in leadership positions. This study determined the learning outcomes after a specific training(More)