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—This paper investigates the influence of horizontally inhomogeneous clouds on the accuracy of total ozone column retrievals from space. The focus here is on retrievals based on backscattered ultraviolet light measurements in Huggins bands in the range of 315–340 nm. It is found that simplifying the description of cloud properties in the ozone-retrieval(More)
Chlorophyll fluorescence is directly linked to the photosynthetic efficiency of plants. As satellite-based remote sensing has been shown to have the potential to derive global information about fluorescence it has become subject of various recently published studies stimulating an upsurge in this research field. This manuscript presents a simple and fast(More)
Clouds are the subject of interest for numerical weather prediction models, global circulation models, and climate studies. Due to the fact that clouds vary considerably in their horizontal and vertical extent, which is crucial to studies of global climate change, it is of great importance to have a good knowledge on cloud properties and their variation in(More)
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