Vladimir V. Ovchinnikov

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The essential properties of the primary structure of regulatory peptides, i.e. amino acid residues and their combinations, which are characteristic of the whole population of regulatory peptides, have been revealed using statistical methodology. These properties are as follows: increased content of certain residues (Gly, Pro, Phe, Arg, Tyr, Met and Trp) as(More)
The norm is a more complex problem in physiology and in space medicine in particular. Definition of norm and health concepts is analyzed. Classification of functional states based on the adaptation and homeostasis concepts is proposed. Various approaches to determination of a norm are described. Three types of the norms which are of significance for space(More)
The main purpose of ion implantation process study is obtaining information concerning doping conditions into low-resistant materials. This paper concerns implantation of Cu- and Pb-ions into 30HGSN2A-steel samples. Using computer program simulation based on Monte Carlo method the introduced ion distribution profile in a multi-component target has been(More)
A concept of implementing the problem-oriented statistical software based on an application of expert systems is presented. The shortcomings of existing statistical software for personal computers and trends of their improvements are analyzed. Recommendations on designing of statistical expert systems can be used by the statisticians, mathematicians,(More)
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