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This work, using RT PCR, studied expression of mRNAs encoding ion transporters, the Na/H antiporter (NHE1), the beta subunit of the Na,K-ATPase pump (ATP1B1), the NaK2Cl symporter (NKCC1), and some proteins unrelated to ion transport: the serum and glucocorticoid dependent kinase (hSGK), beta-actin, a glycolytic enzyme (GAPDH), and regulators of(More)
My goal is to describe briefly the universal cellular reaction (UCR) to external actions and agents. This general reaction was the main subject of investigation by the scientific school of the outstanding Russian cytologist, Dmitrii Nasonov (1895-1957). The UCR consists of two phases of complex changes in cellular viscosity and turbidity, in the cell's(More)
A study was made of apoptotic cell shrinkage, which is generally believed to be a hallmark of apoptosis. The two conventional models of apoptosis were used for examination of changes in cell water balance--one is apoptosis caused in human lymphoma cell line U937 by staurosporine, and the other by etoposide. Intracellular water was determined by measuring(More)
According to the hypothesis explored in this paper, native aggregation is genetically controlled (programmed) reversible aggregation that occurs when interacting proteins form new temporary structures through highly specific interactions. It is assumed that Anfinsen's dogma may be extended to protein aggregation: composition and amino acid sequence(More)
The 4-generation carbosilane dendrimer with terminal cyanobiphenyl mesogenic groups in dilute solution of CDCl(3) was investigated using (1)H NMR technique. The spectrum was obtained and the relaxation time, T(1), was measured in the temperature range 320-225 K. For the first time, the extrema of T(1) values were achieved for majority of the dendrimer(More)
The role of hydrophobic interactions (HI) of verapamil (V) in the mechanism of its blocking action on voltage-dependent Ca(2+)-channels was considered. For this purpose a comparative study of V inotropic effects and general anesthetics (GA) modeling V action on rhythmic switches of frog heart muscle was made. Concentration thresholds of the agents of(More)
NMR relaxation experiments are widely used to investigate the local orientation mobility in dendrimers. In particular, the NMR method allows one to measure the spin-lattice relaxation rate, 1/T1, which is connected with the orientational autocorrelation function (ACF) of NMR active groups. We calculate the temperature (Θ) and frequency (ω) dependences of(More)
The paper deals with a strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) of a rotating carrier (RC) characterized by a high roll speed and rather slow oscillations in the yaw and pitch angles. It is shown that it is expedient for an RC to develop four orientation parameters: traditional yaw angles, pitch and trigonometric functions of the sine, cosine of the(More)
In order to develop the methods of thermodynamic analysis for the living cell, two models of protoplasm microstructure of the living cell in resting state were suggested. Both models are based on the assumption that the Ling's cell as a statistical mechanics system is non-ergodic. In the first,Van der Waals model, the protein-protein interactions, which(More)
The developed theory of the orientational mobility of individual segments of a perfectly branched dendrimer is used to calculate the relaxation spectrum of a dendrimer. Frequency dependences of NMR relaxation 1/T(1) and of the nuclear Overhauser effect have been theoretically calculated from the Brownian dynamics simulation data. The dendrimer segmental(More)