Vladimir V Matveev

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According to the hypothesis explored in this paper, native aggregation is genetically controlled (programmed) reversible aggregation that occurs when interacting proteins form new temporary structures through highly specific interactions. It is assumed that Anfinsen's dogma may be extended to protein aggregation: composition and amino acid sequence(More)
In order to develop the methods of thermodynamic analysis for the living cell, two models of protoplasm microstructure of the living cell in resting state were suggested. Both models are based on the assumption that the Ling's cell as a statistical mechanics system is non-ergodic. In the first,Van der Waals model, the protein-protein interactions, which(More)
  • V V Matveev
  • 2000
Actin filaments are certainly believed to function as an intracellular signalling system; however, this is not confirmed by direct evidence. We used a two-layer actomyosin gel with a concentration gradient of the troponin-tropomyosin complex (TT-complex, Ca(2+)-sensitive system) between the two layers. To prepare one layer of the system, natural actomyosin(More)
The theory describing action of medicines explored in this paper is based on assumption that vital activity of the cell may be described in terms of the model of two states: resting state and excitation. According to available physiological data excita-tion state is dangerous for cell and may cause different pathological changes, including " conformational(More)
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