Vladimir V Martynov

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Almost half of the X-ray beamlines at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) are based on multilayer optics. ;Traditional' multilayers with an energy resolution of DeltaE/E approximately 2% are routinely used to deliver X-ray flux enhanced by a factor of 10(2) in comparison with standard Si(111) optics. Sagittal-focusing multilayers with fixed(More)
Data are presented on the genetic diversity and spatial structure of the natural wild soybean population from the neighborhood of the settlement of Ekaterinovka in Primorskii krai and on the relationship between the genetic structure of this population and its spatial organization. These data are discussed in comparison with the results of studies of wild(More)
A comparative study of the genetic structure of natural and anthropogenic populations of G. soja gives significant information about formation of different populations, and allows developing measures for preservation of unique natural gene bank of wild soybean, the species closely related to cultivated soybean. In this study, ISSR markers were used to carry(More)
Dynamic diffraction of an x-ray plane wave by a multilayer mirror modulated with a transverse acoustic wave is analyzed on the basis of rigorous multiwave mode theory. Particular attention is given to the case when λs > τ. where λs is the acoustic wavelength and τ is the extinction length. It has been derived that with increasing sound amplitude, splitting(More)
The article presents the results of non-parametric analysis of the formation of the composite structure in the surface layer of complex-shaped products when exposed to low-temperature plasma of combined discharge.
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