Vladimir V. Khryashchev

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In this paper a new approach to the problem of impulse noise removal from color images is presented. The proposed method is based on noise detection algorithm and weighted vector median filter. The results of its analysis compared to other known median-based vector filters are presented. The analysis shows that the proposed algorithm is more efficient in(More)
A new adaptive switching median filter is proposed to remove salt-and-pepper impulse noise from corrupted image. The algorithm is developed by combining advantages of the known median-type filters with impulse noise detection step. Comparison of the given method with traditional filters is provided. A visual example is given to demonstrate the performance(More)
Modified progressive switching median filter is proposed. It is constructed using introduction of the impulse noise detector from adaptive switching median filter into the progressive switching median filter. The results of comparative analysis of new algorithm with other filters are presented. The results show that the proposed algorithm is more efficient(More)
Ringing artifacts arise near edges in highly compressed JPEG2000 images. This paper proposes original image ringing detection and suppression techniques. On the first stage edge detection and ringing estimation algorithms are applied to calculate the ringing map of a compressed input image. On the second stage this ringing map is utilized to adjust the(More)
Ringing artifacts arise near edges in highly compressed JPEG2000 images. This paper is devoted to the study of the optimal bilateral filter parameter selection in image deringing. We propose modification of the bilateral filter: adaptive bilateral filter, where parameters of bilateral filter are changing according to the corresponding pixel. On the first(More)
The real-time audience measurement system consists of five consecutive stages: face detection, face tracking, gender recognition, age classification and in-cloud data statistics analysis. The challenging part of such system is age estimation algorithm on the basis of machine learning methods. The face aging process is determined by different factors:(More)
The paper presents a comparative analysis of random-valued impulse noise detectors for grayscale and color images. Experimental results demonstrate that vector median filter with directional detector outperforms other filters both in terms of objective criteria and visual appearance. The examples of reconstructed images are provided. 1