Vladimir V. Goncharov

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Oligopeptide repeats appear in many proteins that undergo conformational conversions to form amyloid, including the mammalian prion protein PrP and the yeast prion protein Sup35. Whereas the repeats in PrP have been studied more exhaustively, interpretation of these studies is confounded by the fact that many details of the PrP prion conformational(More)
The problem of livestock breeding in areas adjacent to industrial centers, which form ecological ill-being, is aggravated year by year. The aim of this article is to determine the degree of genome destabilization in deer—recognized as a source of anthropogenic pollution of the environment—living at different distances from the city of Norilsk. Using methods(More)
This paper concerns the study of a general minimal time problem with a convex constant dynamic and a closed target set in Banach spaces. We pay the main attention to deriving efficient conditions for the major well-posedness properties that include the existence and uniqueness of optimal solutions as well as certain regularity of the optimal value function(More)
Our talk is devoted to the Hamilton-Jacobi equation of a special form: ρ F (∇u (x)) − 1 = 0, (1) where F is a closed convex bounded subset of a Hilbert space (H, ·), containing the origin in its interior, and ρ F (·) is the Minkowski functional (gauge function) associated to F , ρ F (ξ) := inf {λ > 0 : ξ ∈ λF }. This type equations arise, e.g., in geometric(More)
Continuing research in [13] and [14] on well-posedness of the optimal time control problem with a constant convex dynamics (in a Hilbert space), we adapt one of the regularity conditions obtained there to a slightly more general problem, where nonaffine additive term appears. We prove existence and uniqueness of a minimizer in this problem as well as(More)
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