Vladimir V. Bochkarev

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Let us consider a homogeneous Markov chain with discrete time and with a finite set of states are nonrecurrent. The goal of this work is to study frequencies of trajectories in this chain, i.e., " words " composed of symbols E 1 ,. .. , E n ending with the " space " E 0. Let us order words according to their probabilities ; denote by p(t) the probability of(More)
Dynamics of average length of words in Russian and English is analysed in the article. Words belonging to the diachronic text corpus Google Books Ngram and dated back to the last two centuries are studied. It was found out that average word length slightly increased in the 19th century, and then it was growing rapidly most of the 20 th century and started(More)
The Magnetic Imaging Defectoscopy is designed for detection of corrosion zones in oil wells. Location of corrosion zones is a time-consuming process , during which some defects can be missed. Therefore this process shall be automated. This document describes an algorithm of automatic defect recognition based on maximum likelihood criterion and the use of(More)
In this paper, a new method was developed for initialising artificial neural networks predicting dynamics of time series. Initial weighting coefficients were determined for neurons analogously to the case of a linear prediction filter. Moreover, to improve the accuracy of the initialization method for a multilayer neural network, some variants of(More)
Studies of the overall structure of vocabulary and its dynamics became possible due to creation of diachronic text corpora, especially Google Books Ngram. This article discusses the question of core change rate and the degree to which the core words cover the texts. Different periods of the last three centuries and six main European languages presented in(More)
Google Books Ngram was used to assess changes in frequency of usage in words corresponding to collectivistic and individualistic values in Russia during the time of economic changes. It was found that in many domains transition to market economy was associated with a rise in the use of words corresponding to individualistic values and a decrease in the use(More)