Vladimir Trajkovik

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Information technology is increasingly used in healthcare with the goal to improve and enhance medical services and to reduce costs. One of the areas with greatest needs having available information at the right moment and with high accuracy is healthcare. With the widespread use of electronic health record (EHR), building a secure EHR sharing environment(More)
Matching 3D objects by their similarity is a fundamental problem in computer vision, multimedia databases, molecular biology, computer graphics and a variety of other fields. A challenging aspect of this problem is to find a suitable shape signature/descriptor that can be constructed and compared quickly, while still discriminating between similar and(More)
Nowadays, there is a growing interest towards the adoption of novel ICT technologies in the field of medical monitoring and personal health care systems. This paper proposes design of a connected health algorithm inspired from social computing paradigm. The purpose of the algorithm is to give a recommendation for performing a specific activity that will(More)
This paper gives an overview of new low cost firearms simulator based on a motion-tracking sensor - Microsoft Kinect that provides aiming results that are highly correlated with real live results. This simulator uses Microsoft Kinect SDK based application that utilizes the input from the embedded Kinect sensors to calculate the aiming point at the screen,(More)
Ambient-assisted living (AAL) is promising to become a supplement of the current care models, providing enhanced living experience to people within context-aware homes and smart environments. Activity recognition based on sensory data in AAL systems is an important task because 1) it can be used for estimation of levels of physical activity, 2) it can lead(More)
This paper introduces the use of IT technologies in automation and optimization of business processes, especially in the manner of communication enabled business processes. Firstly, business processes are defined as well as more modern and increasingly popular service oriented architecture (SOA) environment. Then, a new model of business process for ATM(More)
The recent trend in healthcare support systems is the development of patient-centric pervasive environments and adoption of mobile devices and technology in the field of medical monitoring and personal health care systems in general. This is especially a case with certain categories of people with chronicle diseases who need 24 hour access to medical care.(More)
This paper presents the model of Intelligence Information System (IIS) based on a Service-Oriented Architecture. In this paper we propose the new service’s model, based on the Intelligence cycle and other systems which are necessary for gathering Intelligence information and data. The paper is mostly focused on the system architecture and services design as(More)