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Halogen-free borate ionic liquids as novel lubricants for tribological applications
Abstract The unique properties of ionic liquids favour their applications in diverse fields, such as synthesis, catalysis, electrochemistry and nanotechnology. Their application as lubricants inExpand
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Lubrication Mechanism of Phosphonium Phosphate Ionic Liquid Additive in Alkylborane–Imidazole Complexes
Abstract The assessment of ionic liquids (ILs) as lubricants in several tribological systems has shown their ability to provide remarkable reduced friction and protection against wear, whether theyExpand
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Enhanced tribological performance of tungsten carbide functionalized surfaces via in-situ formation of low-friction tribofilms
Abstract An innovative in-situ method of generating tungsten disulphide (WS 2 ) tribofilms was proposed in this study. It was found that the WS 2 tribofilms formed via a tribochemical reactionExpand
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The role of niobium in improving toughness and corrosion resistance of high speed steel laser hardfacings
Abstract Hardfacing by laser provides a cost-effective option for protecting components against mechanical wear and corrosion. In the present work, high speed steel hardfacings were deposited using aExpand
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Surface engineering of Ti6Al4V surfaces for enhanced tribocorrosion performance in artificial seawater
Abstract Titanium and its alloys are materials with excellent corrosion resistant properties, but under sliding contact exhibit poor wear and friction performance. Therefore, the aim of this studyExpand
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Tribological investigations of ionic liquids in ultra-high vacuum environment
A tribological investigation of two ionic liquids (ILs) that could be used as potential lubricants for vacuum or space applications is presented. Their tribological behaviour was evaluated using aExpand
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Insight into degradation of ammonium-based ionic liquids and comparison of tribological performance between selected intact and altered ionic liquid
Due to lack of experimental work clearly describing ionic liquids (ILs) degradation which could take place under application conditions, specially designed artificial alteration experiments wereExpand
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Friction and wear behaviour of selected titanium and zirconium based nitride coatings in Na2SO4 aqueous solution under low contact pressure
Abstract The low contact pressure friction and wear behaviour of four titanium and zirconium-based nitride coatings were investigated in Na2SO4 electrolyte. The experiments were performed using twoExpand
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Tribocorrosion behaviour of Ti6Al4V in artificial seawater at low contact pressures
Abstract The tribo-electrochemical performance of Ti6Al4V in artificial seawater is investigated under reciprocating sliding conditions at three contact loads (10 mN, 100 mN, and 1 N) and threeExpand
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Influence of ionic structure on tribological properties of poly(dimethylsiloxane-alkylene oxide) graft copolymers
Abstract Lubricants based on ionic liquid (IL) modified poly(dimethylsiloxane–alkylene oxide) graft co-polymers (GC) were synthesised by condensation of hydroxyalkyl groups linked to GC chains and toExpand
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