Vladimir Torres

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Lack of an adequate animal model of Plasmodium falciparum severe malarial anemia (SMA) has hampered the understanding of this highly lethal condition. We developed a model of SMA by infecting C57BL/6 mice with P. chabaudi followed after recovery by P. berghei infection. P. chabaudi/P. berghei-infected mice had an initial 9- to 10-day phase of relatively low(More)
Foreland basin development in the Andes of central Colombia has been suggested to have started in the Late Cretaceous through tectonic loading of the Central Cordillera. Eastward migration of the Cenozoic orogenic front has also been inferred from the foreland basin record west of the Eastern Cordillera. However, farther east, limited data provided by(More)
The paper begins by examining the nomenclature and definitions of populism, left and right. It argues that labeling changing political realities in Latin America as “left” or “right,” is an inaccurate oversimplification. It defines populism as a political problem with entrenched disregard for democratic institutions, one that leaves a legacy of deteriorated(More)
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