Vladimir Stantchev

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Event-driven architecture is gaining momentum in research and application areas as it promises enhanced responsiveness and asynchronous communication. The combination of event-driven and service-oriented architectural paradigms and web service technologies provide a viable possibility to achieve these promises. This paper outlines an architectural design(More)
Advanced computing on cloud computing infrastructures can only become viable alternative for the enterprise if these infrastructures can provide proper levels of nonfunctional properties (NPFs). A company that focuses on service-oriented architectures (SOA) needs to know what configuration would provide the proper levels for individual services if they are(More)
We describe our experience creating a robots community using standard hardware and software – the Windows CE operating system, XScale development boards, and LEGO Mindstorm actuators. We focus on an open and extendable distributed robotics system, which in contrast to most existing proprietary robotics systems, supports cost-effective integration and(More)
The aim of this paper is to investigate the motivations that lead higher education students to replace several Learning Management Systems (LMS) services with cloud file hosting services for information sharing and collaboration among them. The research approach is based on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). More specifically, the model is devoted to(More)
Asset tracking offers high potential to improve efficiency of warehouse management. Typically the tracking is done employing RFID technology. As yet however, most goods are not prepared with RFID and it would require investment in costly hardware, infrastructure, and process adaptations. WLAN-based asset tracking is getting ready as a cost-effective(More)
In complex distributed environments, it is important to achieve high degree of machine-to-machine interaction, not only on a functional, but on a semantic level. Therefore, we propose the NOMADS (Networks of Mobile Adaptive Dependable Systems) Republic, a vision of the future community open to all interested hardware and software entities, and based on(More)