Vladimir Simovic

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The lecture deals with failure analysis of structures which exhibit distributed cracking. First, a continuum model which permits distributed cracking to occur over finite zones of the material is presented, and then the method of finite element analysis is described. The problem of formulating strain-softening relations under general loading histories is(More)
Objective of this work is to explain the modelling concept of analytical function in the financial knowledge discovery model. This new simulation model of analytical function is developed for a financial knowledge discovery process that is used for the Corporate Criminal Intelligence Analysis (CCIA, in short). Model was developed for the CCIA work of the(More)
Waste collection and transport can generate up to 70% of the total costs of the system. Separated collection of recyclables implies additional costs for which the sale of recycled waste often does not compensate, but there is increased pressure to reach the long-term recycling objectives set by law. The proper estimation and monitoring of waste collection(More)
The work presents the research about usage of computers in everyday teaching. The work presents the research conducted on teachers in elementary school in the Republic of Croatia. The aim of the research was to conduct opinion that usage of computers is inevitable in everyday teaching as more and more young teachers have sufficient computer knowledge to(More)
The cloud computing paradigm includes a spectrum of many models, developers and reference designs. This paper proposes information model for further taxonomy or classification and comparison of the fundamental cloud technology implementations that cover most common practical installations of the service and deployment models within the(More)
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