Vladimir Pericliev

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When a dataset involves multiple classes, there is often a need to express the key contrasting features among these classes in humanly understandable terms, that is, to pro"le the classes. Commonly, one class is contrasted from the rest by aggregating the latter into a pseudo-class; alternatively, classes are treated separately without coordinating their(More)
The discovery of general patterns and their subsequent explanation is a familiar method in linguistics and other cross-cultural research. This paper addresses the computerized enumeration of significant cultural and linguistic patterns, specifically implicational universals. We dispute published suggestions that the mechanical generation of universals is(More)
The empirical validity of the projeetivity hypothesis for Bulgarian is tested. It is shown that the justification of the hypothesis presented for other languages suffers serious methodological deficiencies. Our automated testing, designed to evade such deficiencies~ yielded results falsifying the hypothesis for Bulgarian: the non-projective constructions(More)
The paper describes a novel computational tool for multiple concept learning. Unlike previous approaches, whose major goal is prediction on unseen instances rather than the legibility of the output, our MPD (Maximally Parsimonious Discrimination) program emphasizes the conciseness and intelligibility of the resultant class descriptions, using three(More)
T h e d i f f i c u l t i e s t o b e m e t w i t h t h e r e s o l u t i o n o f s y n t a c t i c a l a m b i g u i t y i n MT c a n b e a t l e a s t p a r t i a l l y o v e r c o m e b y m e a n s o f p r e s e r v i n g t h e s y n t a c t i c a l a m b i g u i t y o f t h e s o u r c e l a n g u a g e i n t o t h e t a r g e t l a n g u a g e . An e x(More)
A language can be said to be “peculiar” if it violates a universal pattern that admits only very few exceptions. In the paper, we propose a typology of phonological peculiarities concerning the content of segment inventories, and deal in detail with one of these types. The type involves the illegitimate absence of a segment that an implicational universal(More)