Vladimir Pavlovich Fedorov

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The effect of cardiac glycosides to increase cardiac inotropy by altering Ca(2+) cycling is well known but still poorly understood. The studies described in this report focus on defining the effects of ouabain signaling on sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+)-ATPase function. Rat cardiac myocytes treated with 50 microM ouabain demonstrated substantial increases in(More)
Structural and functional changes in the central nervous system were shown to be the same with both microwave and ionizing radiation having different mechanism of action. When the two types of radiation were delivered in a combination the sequence of delivery was of a significant importance. Antagonism of the effects was noted when microwave radiation was(More)
The article presents a detail corrosion model, taking into account its material chemical composition, the surface layer quality, corrosion environment properties and corroding conditions, the kind of used inhibitor, its concentration, coating type, its quality. The article shows the dependence of the corrosion rate with the required detail lifetime. The(More)
The aim of the present work was to identify complex morphometric characteristics of the living brain in children aged one year with assessment of individual variation (sexual, interhemisphere) by magnetic resonance tomography. The results demonstrated sexual dimorphism in brain sizes: endbrain sizes were generally larger in boys, while structures in the(More)
A study was made of Wistar male rats with the body mass of 250-270 g using neurohistological, electron microscopic and biochemical methods. The animals' heads were irradiated with gamma-quanta at a dose of 50 Gy, the rate of 6.7 cGy/s. Two minutes before or right after irradiation 15% ethanol solution (0.28 and 2.25 g/kg) was administered intraperitoneally.(More)
The hematoencephalic barrier status was shown to change depending upon radiation dose and time after exposure. Synergism, additivity, and antagonism were observed after the combined effect of radiation and a changed gas medium. On the whole, hypoxic hypoxia, as opposed to air and oxygen, had a slight radioprotective effect, but after 5 h, no variations were(More)
Using karyometric procedures, the reactions of neuronal nuclei of the middle layers of the sensorimotor cortex of rats exposed to the combined effect of ionizing radiation and longitudinal acceleration or vertical vibration were investigated. It was found that the size of neuronal nuclei varied depending on the radiation dose and the type of combinations of(More)
The histochemical methods were used to study alkaline phosphomonoesterase of capillaries, glycosaminoglycanes of vascular walls, and tissular basophils of rat brain after local gamma-irradiation of the head with doses of 51.6-645 mC/kg. During the first minutes and hours after irradiation, the actively functioning capillary network lengthened and secretion(More)