Vladimir Pavlenko

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Serine is the only amino acid that is encoded by two disjoint codon sets so that a tandem substitution of two nucleotides is required to switch between the two sets. Previously published evidence suggests that, for the most evolutionarily conserved serines, the codon set switch occurs by simultaneous substitution of two nucleotides. Here we report a(More)
The electric characteristics were lowered or absent in 87 patients wearing removable metal-based dentures. The explanation is as follows: in patients with plastic plate dentures and permanent metal prostheses in the oral cavity the electric charges pass between the prostheses via the saliva and oral tissues; in patients with metal-based plate dentures the(More)
Qualitative and quantitative phospholipid composition of porcine deciduous teeth pulp was studied by microthin-layer chromatography. Basing on the differences in the levels of individual phospholipids in the pulp of deciduous and permanent teeth, the authors come to a conclusion on the inadequate structural organization and functional activity of the pulp(More)
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