Vladimir P. Morozov

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Enveloped viruses that rely on a low pH-dependent step for entry initiate infection by fusing with acidic endosomes, whereas the entry sites for pH-independent viruses, such as HIV-1, have not been defined. These viruses have long been assumed to fuse directly with the plasma membrane. Here we used population-based measurements of the viral content delivery(More)
38 patients with complicated duodenal ulcer were examined with polarographic method. The significant decrease of tissue blood flow was revealed in all segments of gastroduodenal zone. The increased level of free-radical oxidation of lipids was determined in duodenal mucosa and ulcer edges. Disorders of blood supply and activation of free-radical lipid(More)
Directional hearing in dolphins and man was studied by measuring thresholds of detection of signals in noise relative to angle of incidence of interference. The data obtained, evidence of the presence of definite spatial directionality of the hearing system of the dolphin, is expressed in a sharp improvement of thresholds of detection of signals in noise(More)
Masked tonal thresholds by noise in the bottlenose dolphin have been measured as a function of angle of noise direction. Sharp directional selectivity of hearing has been discovered resulting in an abrupt decrease of noise masking with the increase of the angle of noise coming. It has been shown that narrow directional characteristics of hearing is an angle(More)
The association of duodenal ulcers with antigens AIO and combinations of antigens B18B40, B35B40, A10B5, A10B40 and others and the association of gastric ulcer with antigens A3B7, A3B40, B14B15 were revealed by an investigation of HLA antigens in 46 patients with ulcer disease of the duodenum and 25 patients with ulcer disease of the stomach. It was(More)
The paper presents data on the directional selectivity of hearing in the bottlenose dolphin as a function of masking noise angle. It has been shown that the hearing system of dolphins is characterised by sharp lowering of masked thresholds depending on the noise going in the high frequency region. The same effect is shown in man, but not so evidently.