Vladimir P. Melnik

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—A nonlinear multiscale pyramidal transform based on nonoverlapping block decompositions using the median operation and a polynomial approximation is considered. It is shown that this structure can be useful for denoising of one– and two-dimensional (1-D and 2-D) signals. Various denoising techniques are analyzed , including methods based on spatially(More)
The characteristics of impulse bursts in remote sensing images are analyzed and a model for this noise is proposed. The model also takes into consideration other noise types, for example, the multiplicative noise present in radar images. As a case study, soft morphological filters utilizing a training-based optimization scheme are used for the noise(More)
We consider a median pyramidal transform for denoising applications. Traditional techniques of pyramidal denoising are similar to those in wavelet-based methods. In order to remove noise, they use the thresholding of transform coefficients. We propose to model the structure of the transform coefficients as a Markov random field. The goal of modeling(More)