Vladimir Osipov

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High-intensity Chl fluorescence transients (OJIP transients) and light-induced kinetics of the delayed light emission were measured in diatom microalga Thalassiosira weissflogii in the presence of various uncouplers and photosynthetic inhibitors. The I step in the OJIP transients in T. weissflogii was essentially reduced or completely absent but was(More)
The fabrication of submicron-height sine-like relief of a trifocal diffractive zone plate using a nanoimprinting technique is studied. The zone plate is intended for use in combined trifocal diffractive–refractive lenses and provides the possibility to form trifocal intraocular lenses with predetermined light intensity distribution between foci. The optical(More)
Washing off donors' red blood cell pack with NaCl isotonic solution results in improvement of red blood cell rheologic properties: their aggregation reduces, deformability increases, osmotic resistance rises. Heparin addition to the washing off solution in a dose of 5 IU/ml prevents development of antiheparin activity in red blood cells after washing off.(More)
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