Vladimir Nikolajevic

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The forward and inverse modified discrete cosine transform (MDCT) are two of the most computational intensive operations in the MPEG audio coding standard. In this paper, we used Clenshaw’s recurrence formula to transform kernels of the MDCT and IMDCT of the general length. Efficient implementations of MDCT and IMDCT are obtained. The proposed regular(More)
Forward and inverse MDCT are two of the most computationally intensive operations in the MPEG audio coding standard. In this paper we derive sinusoidal recursive formulas for transforming kernels of the MDCT/MDST and IMDCT/IMDST. Then we efficiently implement MDCT/MDST and IMDCT/IMDST of the general length using the regressive structure derived from the(More)
Realizations of demanding applications particularly in the field of mobile communications often require processing performance which is far beyond what is delivered by DSPs today. To avoid designing inflexible ASIC solutions a powerful, highly parallel DSP core for System-on-Chip domains is presented in this paper. Targeted for a wireless OFDM based modem(More)
The Mobile Multimedia Modem (M3)-DSP is based on a scalable, highly parallel DSP platform concept capable of delivering the processing power to create software solutions for tasks that are currently considered ASIC-only domains, e.g. xDSL or IEEE 802.11a. The platform, consisting of the parallel signal processing engine and an Input-/ Output Processor (IOP)(More)
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