Vladimir Moiseevich Gun’ko

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The extensive oxygen-group functionality of single-layer graphene oxide proffers useful anchor sites for chemical functionalization in the controlled formation of graphene architecture and composites. However, the physicochemical environment of graphene oxide and its single-atom thickness facilitate its ability to undergo conformational changes due to(More)
A new adsorbent consisting of fumed, mixed alumina, silica, and titania in various proportions (AST 50) was investigated. The studied material was prepared by chemical vapor deposition method. The diameter of AST 50 primary particles was equal to about 51 nm which denotes that it can be classified as a nanomaterial. In the presented paper, the adsorption(More)
The influence of solution pH (in the range 3–9) on the adsorption of polyacrylic acid (PAA) on the mixed silica– alumina surface (SA-3: SiO 2 97 %–Al 2 O 3 3 % and SA-96: SiO 2 4 %–Al 2 O 3 96 %) was investigated. The following methods were applied in experiments: spectrophotometry, viscosimetry, potentiometric titration, and microelectrophore-sis, which(More)
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