Vladimir M Mezentsev

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The results of the epidemiological investigation of the outbreak of typhoid fever in Achkhoi-Martan region are presented. During the period from December 1999 to April 2000 the disease was diagnosed in 43 persons. The cases of the disease were registered in 3 settlements: Lermontov-Yurt, Kulary and Sernovodsk. The pronounced focal character of the disease(More)
Materials dealing with the specific features of the territory of Southern Russia, appearing as a consequence of natural, technogenic and some other factors, are presented. These materials indicate that, due to the high flood in summer of 2002, a real danger of a sharp aggravation of the epidemiological situation in acute enteric infections, as well as other(More)
The working experience of the analytical group as the section of the specialized antiepidemic brigade for the organization and realization of antiepidemic measures, made under the conditions of the antiterrorist operation in the Chechen Republic in the year 2000, is generalized. The necessity for equipping the specialized brigade with a modern computer with(More)
AIM Development of a cadaster of stationary unfavorable by anthrax points in Krasnodar region by using GIS technologies. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ageographical information system (GIS) of ESRI program--Arc GIS 10.1 was used for the composition of an electronic cadaster of stationary unfavorable by anthrax points. Topographic basis--electronic maps of(More)
Information on the epizootic situation in plague in the natural foci of North Caucasus and on the influence of a number of anthropogenic and natural factors on this situation is presented. The data given in this work indicate that under the conditions of the anthropogenic transformation of landscapes the character of the epizootic manifestations of plague(More)
To improve the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance at the Olympic Games has developed a system of GIS for monitoring objects and situations in the region of Sochi. The system is based on software package ArcGIS, version 10.2 server, with Web-java.lang. Object, Web-server Apach, and software developed in language java. During th execution of the tasks(More)
Information on the main trends in the activity and on the organization of the work of the specialized antiepidemic brigade of the Stavropol Research Institute for Plague Control in Grozny in the first half of the year 2000 is presented. At the initial stage of this activity the specialists of the brigade were entrusted with all functions of the local state(More)