Vladimir M Fedoseev

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Spatial organization of wild-type (strain U1) tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and of the temperature-sensitive TMV ts21-66 mutant was compared by tritium planigraphy. The ts21-66 mutant contains two substitutions in the coat protein (Ile21-->Thr and Asp66-->Gly) and, in contrast with U1, induces a hypersensitive response (formation of necroses) on the leaves of(More)
Mutant ts21-66 of the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) differs from the wild-type TMV-U1 by two mutations (Ile-21-->Thr and Asp-66-->Gly) in the coat protein (CP) gene and in symptoms produced in infected N' plants. The CP structure in TMV-U1 and ts21-66 virions was probed by tritium planigraphy. Compared with the wild-type CP, labeling of the N-terminal region(More)
Participants of nuclear-powered submarine accident liquidation and special risk units' veterans participating in surface nuclear weapon tests as well as in liquidation of their consequences have been examined. It has been established that functional state of this category of people is difficult to interpret only in the context of radioactive irradiation(More)
Synthesis of compounds containing a fragment similar to the guanidine group of L-arginine, which is a substrate of nitric oxide synthase (NOS), is the main direction in creating NOS inhibitors. The inhibitory effect of such compounds is caused not only by their competition with the substrate for the L-arginine-binding site and/or oxidizing center of the(More)
In experiments with mice radioprotective properties and toxicity of 2(3)-guanidinoalkanethiols were investigated by exposure to gamma-irradiation in the dose of 6.4 Gy. The obtained results allow to find an association between radioprotective activity of 2(3)-guanidinoalkanethiol compounds and their structure and toxicity.
Radiation activation of angiotensin-converting enzyme (respect to Cbz-Phe-His-Leu as substrate) was obtained at the gamma (137Cs, t(irr) = 10s-2h, D approximately 3 Gy)- and X (plasma foces source, t(irr) = 10(-9)s, Cu-filter, D approximately 2 x 10(-5) Gy)-irradiation. The inactivation of the horseradish peroxidase at the same X-irradiation dose (2 x(More)