Vladimir M. Baronkin

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This paper concerns the estimation of a frequency ooset of a known (pilot) signal propagated through a slowly fading multipath channel, such that channel parameters are considered to be constant o ver the observation interval. We derive a Cramer-Rao Lower Bound (CRLB) and maximum likelihood (ML) frequency estimation algorithm for additive Gaussian noise and(More)
Modified and asymptotic Cramer-Rao bounds (MCRB and ACRB, respectively) for frequency estimation in parallel fading channels are presented. The bounds are derived for arbitrary correlation of fading processes in parallel channels and covariance of additive Gaussian noise. The results are specified for additive white noise. Numerical comparison with the true(More)
An optimal pilot assisted detector of OFDM signals in frequency selective fading channels is proposed and investigated. This detector does not estimate the channel explicitly but jointly processes the received data and pilot symbols to recover the data with minimum error. It outperforms the traditional mismatched detectors that treat channel estimates as(More)
In this paper, we derive an optimal detector for pilot-assisted transmission in Rayleigh frequency-flat fast fading channels. The classical detector based on obtaining channel estimates and treating them as perfect in a minimum distance detector is called mismatched detector. The optimal detector jointly processes the received pilot and data symbols to(More)
—Maximum-likelihood (ML) data-aided frequency estimation in multipath Rayleigh-fading channels with sparse impulse responses is investigated. We solve this problem under the assumption that the autocorrelation matrix of the pilot signal can be approximated by a diagonal matrix, the fading of different path amplitudes are independent from each other, and the(More)
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