Vladimir L. Kharitonov

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are counterbalanced by the thorough theoretical expositions and the wealth of practical examples given. The book is geared toward engineers interested in noise reduction but would be useful for any engineer interested in learning how a broad variety of control methods can be applied to solve a particular problem. The destabilizing effects of time delays are(More)
we can see (x 3 t) 2 (zt) 2 by the comparison theorem [6]. Hence, = 1. By the monotonicity of u 0 (x) and '(x), the uniqueness of (28) holds. Thus, we conclude that (28) admits a unique strong solution (x 3 t). Now, we apply Ito's formula for convex functions [7, p. 219] to obtain e 0t u(x 3 t) = u(x) + t 0 e 0s 0u + Axu 0 +c 3 s u 0 + 1 2 2 x 2 u 00 x=x ds(More)