Vladimir Kutyrkin

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We present the first release of the HeteroGenome database collecting latent periodicity regions in genomes. Tandem repeats and highly divergent tandem repeats along with the regions of a new type of periodicity, known as profile periodicity, have been collected for the genomes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Arabidopsis thaliana, Caenorhabditis elegans and(More)
A model of perfect tandem repeat with random pattern has been considered. It expands a notion of approximate tandem repeat and describes new kind of latent periodicity in biological sequences, which has been named profile periodicity. Based on this model, an original spectral-statistical approach has been proposed for the estimation of size of the(More)
An original spectral-statistical approach for detecting latent periodicity in biological sequences is proposed. This approach can be applied under conditions of limited statistical sample. It allows one to avoid redundancy and instability when identifying the latent periodicity structure. The optimality of the periodicity-pattern-size estimates obtained for(More)
An original spectral-statistical approach for detectinglatent periodicity in biological sequences isproposed. This approach can be applied under conditionsof limited statistical sample. It allows oneto avoid redundancy and instability when identifyingthe latent periodicity structure. The resultsof spectral-statistical approach application for(More)
Novel methods for identifying a new type of DNA latent periodicity, called latent profile periodicity or latent profility, are used to search for periodic structures in genes. These methods reveal two distinct levels of organization of genetic information encoding. It is shown that latent profility in genes may correlate with specific structural features of(More)
Methods of the spectral-statistical approach (2S-approach) for revealing latent periodicity in DNA sequences are described. The results of data analysis in the HeteroGenome database which collects the sequences similar to approximate tandem repeats in the genomes of model organisms are adduced. In consequence of further developing of the(More)
Inoculability of various experimental tumors (spontaneous, chemically-induced, solid, ascitic and leukemic) versus the amount of inoculated tumor cells (10(0)-10(7)) was studied. With small amounts of cells (10(2)-10(3)), inoculability of some tumors appeared to be nil, while in certain long-passaged neoplasms, particularly, leukemia, as few as 5-10 cells(More)
The concept of latent triplet periodicity in coding DNA sequences which has been earlier extensively discussed is confirmed in the result of analysis of a number of eukaryotic genomes, where latent periodicity of a new type, called profile periodicity, is recognized in the CDSs. Original model of Stochastic Homogeneous Organization of Coding (SHOC-model) in(More)
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