Vladimir Kuptsov

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The increasing popularity of a so-called transient motor current signature analysis requires the fault diagnostics parameters which could not be exposed to other factors irrelevant to the fault to make a precise assessment of the failure severity level. This challenging task needs a precise modeling of faulty motor behavior in various operating conditions(More)
The results of studies of indices of reproductive function in 3 groups of males examined accordingly to an unified method: Group 1 - The staff of the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) and the Smolensk Nuclear Power Plant (SNPP), who worked for liquidation of consequences of the accident (LCA) in 1986-87 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP), group 2(More)
A comparative study of the incidence of genetic damages induced in mouse male germ cells by a single injection of 137Cs and external gamma-irradiation shows that the incidence of dominant lethal mutations in the postmeiotic cells is similar with both radiation types. The frequency of reciprocal translocations in stem cell spermatogonia was considerably(More)