Vladimir Kotev

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In this paper we investigate how the inclusion of time delay alters the dynamical properties of the Jacob-Monod model, describing the control of the beta-galactosidase synthesis by the lac repressor protein in E. coli. The consequences of a time delay on the dynamics of this system are analysed using Hopf's theorem and Lyapunov-Andronov's theory applied to(More)
Recently, methods of the separation and selection of cells using a microfluidic device are receiving a lot of attention as the latest technology and those devices are called microfluidic cell sorter. Those methods have many advantages compared to conventional methods. There are a lot of researches on the microfluidic cell sorting but there isn't the(More)
The combination of robots for macro and micro operations is necessary for performing a large number of technological operations where macro motions precede finishing high accuracy motions. The basic difference between the two manipulation systems (MS) is the type of actuations used. The present study offers algorithms for solving inverse problem of(More)
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