Vladimir Kolmanovskii

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Neutral stochastic differential delay equations (NSDDEs) have recently been studied intensively (see Kolmanovskii, V.B. and Nosov, V.R., Stability and Periodic Modes of Control Systems with Aftereffect; Nauka: Moscow, 1981 and Mao X., Stochastic Differential Equations and Their Applications; Horwood Pub.: Chichester, 1997). Given that many systems are often(More)
This paper studies a generalized real structured singular value ( ) problem where uncertain parameters are bounded by an norm. Two results are presented. The first one shows that this generalized problem is NP-hard for any given rational number [1 ]. The NP-hardness holds as long as , the size of the largest repeated block, exceeds one. This result(More)
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