Vladimir Khorevin

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Central projections of the lagena were studied in the pigeon using transport of biotinylated dextran amine (BDA) that was locally applied to the lagenar epithelium through the opened cochlear canal. Descending (dorsocaudal part) and superior (middle part) vestibular nuclei were the main rhombencephalon structures with the maximum density of labeled fibers(More)
The effects of iontophoretic application of dopamine and selective D1 or D2 dopamine receptor agonists and antagonists on impulse activity of neurons of the deep layers of the sensorimotor cortex of cat were investigated during performance of a conditioned paw movement task. The application of dopamine, Quinpirole (selective D2 receptor agonist) or SKF(More)
The dopamine modulation of microiontophoretic application of antagonists of glutamate metabotropic synaptic transmission was studied in the sensory motor cortex of awake cats during instrumental conditioned reflex. The substances depressed the background and intensity of evoked impulse activity of pyramidal neurons of the sensory-motor cortex and provoked(More)
Changes in conditioned reflex spike activity of neurons in the sensorimotor cortex were studied during microiontophoretic application of agonists and antagonists of glutamate and GABAergic transmission. The results of these experiments showed that the glutamate ionotropic receptors (AMPA and NMDA) of neurons in the sensorimotor cortex were intensely(More)
Interaction between responses to acoustic clicks and to electrodermal stimulation of the contralateral forelimb was investigated in 78 neurons in the magnocellular part of the medial geniculate body of curarized cats. Of this number, 33 neurons responded by discharges both to clicks and to electrodermal stimulation, 25 responded to clicks only, and 20 to(More)
Interaction between impulse activities evoked by a click and contralateral forepaw electrical stimulation was studied in 78 neurons of magnocellular part of the medial geniculate body in cats immobilized with myorelaxine. Among the studied neurons 33 responded by impulse activity both to a click and forepaw stimulation, 25--exclusively to a click and(More)
We studied central motor commands, CMCs, coming to the muscles that flex and extend the shoulder and elbow joints in the course of generation of voluntary isometric efforts of different directions by the forearm; the efforts were initiated according to a visual signal. Amplitudes of EMGs recorded from the muscles of the shoulder belt and shoulder and(More)
The responses of 150 neurons of the magnocellular division of the medial geniculate body (MGB) to sound click and to contralateral forepaw electrical stimulation were studied in cats immobilized with myorelaxine. 68% of the studied neurons had bimodal responses, 16.6% of neurons responded only to click, and 15.4% - only to forepaw stimulation. The responses(More)
This article analyses the changes in development of journals on social sciences and humanities in Ukraine and shows the results of the comparative analysis of journals on social sciences and humanities in Ukraine, and journals in the world included in relevant databases of the US Institute for Scientific Information (Philadelphia).