Vladimir Kharitonov

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This monograph deals with the analysis of systems described by linear delay differential equations (DDEs). The book, written by a leading expert in the field, lies on a solid applied mathematics background, but it is mostly targeted to a systems control engineering readership. The focus is on Lyapunov's second method to stability analysis: convergence of(More)
The compatibility of a medication with other drugs and implanted materials is an important factor impacting drug safety and efficacy. The liposomal formulation of the local anesthetic bupivacaine is designed to provide prolonged postsurgical analgesia. Its compatibility with other drugs and materials depends on the compatibility of the drug itself, along(More)
BACKGROUND This report presents results from four preclinical studies evaluating safety and pharmacokinetics (PKs) of liposome bupivacaine following intravascular (intravenous [IV], intra-arterial [IA]), epidural, and intrathecal administration in dogs. METHODS Intravascular administration was initially tested in a pilot study to determine maximum(More)
Of the 55 young patients with echinococcosis of the lungs and pleura, in half the disease was revealed at prophylactic roentgenofluorography, in 11.5%--at examination for other disease, in 38.1%--when taking medical advice. The retrospective analysis of the roentgenofluorograms performed earlier has shown that in 18.2% of the patients no small, localized in(More)