Vladimir Kartashov

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Speckle reduction by moving diffuser has been previously studied in display systems with coherent light sources, such as lasers. In this Letter, we propose a motionless diffractive optical element (DOE) for speckle reduction. The DOE was designed based on finite-element method simulations, fabricated using micromachining technology, and characterized for(More)
We utilize spatial and angular diversity to achieve speckle reduction in laser illumination. Both free-space and imaging geometry configurations are considered. A fast two-dimensional scanning micromirror is employed to steer the laser beam. A simple experimental setup is built to demonstrate the application of our technique in a two-dimensional laser(More)
A Barker binary phase code of maximum length 13 has previously been used for speckle reduction in line-scan laser projectors, and a speckle contrast factor decrease down to 13% has been achieved. In this Letter, Barker-like binary phase codes of lengths longer than 13 are used at an intermediate image plane. It is shown by theoretical calculation that a(More)
Speckle suppression in projection displays with a laser light source can be achieved by imaging a changing diffuser with random phase cells onto the screen. Theoretical expressions for the speckle contrast in this method have been earlier obtained in the case when different realizations of the phase diffuser produced statistically independent patterns of(More)
Comparative study of the main pharmacokinetic characteristics and evaluation of the bioavailability of two experimental tablet forms of the new nootropic nooglutil in relation to the substance of the drug were conducted on rabbits. The nooglutil content in plasma samples was determined by high performance liquid chromatography. Significant advantage of one(More)
The results of the comparative study on microbiological and chemical quantitative determination of kanamycin sulfate in the ophthalmic films with the collagen base are presented. The intraocular films prepared with the use of 1 per cent collagen solution contain dexamethasone and kanamycin. The agar diffusion method with Bacillus pumilus NCTC 8241 as the(More)
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