Vladimir K. Bojenko

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A specific apoptotic glycosylation pattern may play an assistant or even a causative role in phagocytosis of apoptotic bodies. To elucidate the role of macrophages in lectin-mediated phagocytosis, an experimental system was used, where monocyte-derived THP-1 cells engulf the apoptotic bodies from the melanoma cell line MELJUSO. A flow cytometry assay was(More)
Elimination of apoptotic bodies is one of the important functions of macrophages. The aim of this work was to study the role of macrophage lectins in this process. Macrophage lectins were probed with neoglycoconjugates Glyc-PAA-fluo where carbohydrate is linked to fluorescein-labeled polyacrylamide (MW 30 kD). It was shown that neoglycoconjugates containing(More)
Galectins, β-galactoside binding proteins, expressed selectively in human breast carcinoma are attractive targets to employ lectin-aimed therapeutics. We examined β-galactoside binding potency of neoplastic cells using fluorescein-labelled synthetic glycoconjugates as probes for flow cytometry. As a result, surface β-galactoside binding proteins/galectins(More)
Host factors determine early or late visible manifestation of mammary carcinoma Host factors determine visible carcinoma manifestation 19 Abstract Breast carcinoma growth depends on complex interactions of tumour characteristics and host predisposition factors. However, both in clinical practice and in spontaneous mouse cancer possibilities to determine the(More)
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