Vladimir Ju Polyakov

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Cell cycle dynamics and localization of condensins--multiprotein complexes involved in late stages of mitotic chromosome condensation--were studied in Xenopus laevis XL2 cell line. Western blot analysis of synchronized cells showed that the ratio of levels of both pEg7 and XCAP-E to beta-tubulin levels remains almost constant from G1 to M phase. pEg7 and(More)
The dynamics of mitotic chromosome and interphase chromatin recondensation in living PK cells during their adaptation to hypotonic medium was studied. The recondensation process was found to be slowed down by the modification of plasma membrane with low concentrations of glutaraldehyde, while osmotic reactions of glutaraldehyde-treated cells remain(More)
Rapid and efficient delivery of radioactive metal complexes to the cell interior would enable novel applications in medical imaging and radiotherapy. Membrane permeant peptide conjugates incorporating HIV-1 Tat transactivation protein sequences (GRKKRRQRRR) and an appropriate peptide-based motif (epsilon-KGC) that provides an N(3)S donor core for chelating(More)
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