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Does music induce emotion? A theoretical and methodological analysis.
Is music ubiquitous in part because it is causally linked to emotion? In this article, a comprehensive theoretical and methodological reevaluation is presented of a classical problem: The directExpand
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Cognitive processes in choice and decision behavior
Abstract : Recent years have been important changes in research in behavioral decision theory in terms of a shift from a reliance on economic and statistical models to an emphasis on concepts drawnExpand
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Decision Making and Information Integration in the Courts: The Setting of Bail
Two studies were conducted to determine how real felony court judges decide the amount of bail to set. In the first, the judges were presented with fictitious case histories containing the relevantExpand
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Emotional and aesthetic antecedents and consequences of music-induced thrills.
The significance of music-induced thrills or chills was explored in 3 experiments (N= 223). Specifically, the ability of antecedent (priming) stimuli in different modalities and aesthetic domainsExpand
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Comparative effects of music and recalled life-events on emotional state
Several classical issues in the area of music and emotion were investigated in a 3 × 3 × 2 × 2 × 4 experiment (N =144). Participants recalled happy, neutral, or sad life-events, and they listened toExpand
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Aesthetic Trinity Theory and the Sublime
It seems defensible to propose that one of the most important tasks of both philosophical and psychological aesthetics ought to be the delineation of aesthetic responses of different quality andExpand
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A skeptical position on “musical emotions” and an alternative proposal
Key premises of the target article by Juslin & Vastfjall (J&V) are challenged. It is also shown that most of the six “psychological mechanisms” proposed by the authors as underlying the induction ofExpand
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The Effects of Structural Interventions in the First Movement of Mozart's Symphony in G Minor K. 550 on Aesthetic Preference
In a debate in this journal concerning the importance of structure in the effects of musical compositions, Robert Batt suggested the first movement of Mozart9s Symphony in G Minor K. 550 as the idealExpand
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Spatial ecology: Its effects on the choice of friends and enemies
Abstract The present research examined relationships between physical distance, frequency of face-to-face contacts, and the probability that individuals would be chosen as friends or enemies.Expand
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