Vladimir J. Alarcon

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The development of web-based tools for visualization and processing of hyper-spectral images has been slow. Memory and processing capabilities of personal computers may have precluded the development of web-based tools. However, fast access to remote databases, increasing microprocessors' speed, and grid portals that provide interconnection between remote(More)
This paper presents a methodology for using hydrodynamic modeling to estimate inundation areas and water depths during a hurricane event. The Environmental Fluid Dynamic Code (EFDC) is used in this research. EFDC is one of the most commonly applied models to Gulf of Mexico estuaries. The event with which the hydrodynamic model was tested was hurricane Ivan.(More)
This paper presents a comparison of two hydrodynamic models of the Weeks Bay sub-estuary (Alabama, USA). One model was developed using the Environmental Fluid Dynamic Code (EFDC). The resulting model was compared to an existing hydrodynamic model (of the same water body) that was developed using the Adaptive Hydraulic modeling system (ADH). Comparisons were(More)